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change "formula" title tag for product listing pages

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  • change "formula" title tag for product listing pages

    I am interested in changing the formula for the title tag on the product listing page. I understand that by default 3dcart uses the product name for the title. While this is sufficient in most places, sometimes my product names are not perfectly unique. I'd like to tack on the product ID to ensure that the title is unique since it hurts page rank to have multiple pages with the same title.

    So the "formula" currently is [name]. I'd simply like to update it to [name] | [id].

    I currently can't find a way to do this at a global level. I certainly dont have time to update the meta fields on each and every product. The template files category_0.html and listing_1.html don't actually contain any meta so I can't do it there either. The one place that seems obvious for this is Settings > Design > Titles & Content. However, I did make a change there and its not taking. I can go look at my live site and it still shows just the product name instead of what I prescribed.

    I've tried chatting with live support about this too and they have either not fully understood what I wanted to accomplish or sent me to the HTML reference.

    Please help! Unique titles are essential for SEO and I can't seem to find a way to affect them globally through code or the interface so far!

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    There isn't a way to change this formula, so you'll have to work around it.

    I would suggest using a file import to change fields in bulk. I don't THINK you can import metadata, but you may be able to. If so, there you go.
    Otherwise I would work on your product names. Find something to differentiate them. If there is nothing to differentiate them, then they probably shouldn't be different products.

    Export your product titles, open in Excel, edit the ones that are not unique, and re-import.


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      That won't work for me, too many products coming from vendor data that changes constantly. I agree that having identical product names is not ideal, but I get this data from vendors and it would be a huge amount of work to address every duplicate every single time I get product updates (which can be daily, weekly or monthly...)

      Any idea why making changes to the listing page in Settings > Design > Titles & Content does not work?