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  • Waiting List Captcha Removal?


    The waiting list feature is pure awesome, and I think my customers and I are going to get a LOT of use out of it. We create a new tea every week, but only a small, limited edition batch of each blend. If I get enough people clamoring for me to recreate one of my blends, I re-blend it. That's where this waiting list feature is already proving to be awesome for us.

    HOWEVER, I have several customers who are telling me that they would like to be able to log in as a customer and pick multiple teas to be put on the waiting list for without having to fill in all of their information and run the Captcha gauntlet for each one. Is there anyway I could do this? Have the first waiting list button just add the customer to the list or ask them to login first without them having to jump through these hoops?

    I realize this might actually be something of a feature request, but it seems like a small thing and I doubt I would get any support from anyone else for a feature like this. Just wanted to know if it was something I could possibly do myself and if someone could point me in the direction of the code I would need to look at and modify.


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