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    I'm restructuring my categories and going back though them all. Been trying to find a listing for how the various category fields match up.

    I can't seem to figure out what some are. Here are a few:
    category_main - I only have one that sales false and it IS a main category?
    link_target - all but two say "_self"

    I've searched the knowledge base but couldn't seem to come up with anything that cross references the field names. I'll start experimenting but if anyone know of anything I'd appreciate it.

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    All of my categories and sub-categories say false except one subcategory that says true. Looking at the options, I can't determine any difference between them, except the true one was added last. I would say you should probably just leave that alone.

    As for the link_target value _self, there is an option whereby clicking on a category takes you to an alternate URL. I would have to believe that not choosing an alternate URL would equal a value of _self.

    I have a question, so I'm just trying to get some good karma!