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Creating specific product which would only appear to specific customer

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  • Creating specific product which would only appear to specific customer


    Right now I am working on my engraved metal cards page Basically I sell business cards, greeting cards and invitation cards. However sometimes I get a request for a specific engraving (example membership cards). And these clients usually comeback and order more of the same specification cards. Basically what I want to do (after the client orders custom cards for the first time) is to be able to create a specific product with specific options for that specific client. And I dont want that other clients be able to see that product- only the one which I dedicated that product to. So far I was able to achieve to create a product for customer group (lets say the customer group is named after my client and it only contains that one client) so that other customers group cant access it. However they CAN still see it. I cant figure out some other options. Can some one please help?

    Sincerely PL

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    Off the top of my head, I think you would need to do the same customer group restriction, but apply it to a category rather than the item. So make a special category and put that item in it. You can make the category visible to a specific group if I remember correctly.


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      I dont seem to be able to find an option which would hide subcategories from specific customer group. all I seems to be able to do is not allow to access that category but everyone still can see it.


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        Category list -> Options button -> Advanced -> Allow Access menu


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          Dont forget to uncheck advanced cache, clear browser cache, and clear store cache after you set them to a group.