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  • Endicia Integration

    I am trying this despite the things still missing (regional flat rate/etc) but cannot get the labels to print correctly on my Dymo printer that I got from Endicia.

    I get the instructions printed - don't need them on a 4 by 6 label... size is wrong, and difficult to do. I have to set the paper size, change to 165% of full size, and then only print the 1st of 4 pages it wants to print. I am using an iMac, Safari and a Dymo printer - does anyone have a better way to work around this?? I am going to go back to Endicia if that's the best it gets...

    I have a support ticket on this but kept getting canned advice about their knowledge base that did not fit my problem and then the suggestion to try rotating the printing (which obviously does not work - then I get 1/2 a label on one page sideways...)

    Pat Cotter

    The Preemie Store

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    I tried using this myself today and boy it does not seem ready at all. I am using a PC and I selected the 4x6 label (printing on a Zebra printer that I use with Endicia all the time) and what I got was a teeny, tiny label that took up less than 25% of the actual 4x6 label and it also said 3DCart Shipping Label Manager - Print Label, then 1. Fold the printed page along the horizontal line.

    That's pretty useless when I'm not printing it on plain paper. It's totally useless if this is supposed to speed up the label printing process, but now I have to print on plain paper and waste time taping it to the box instead of using a peel and stick label.

    Other issues I found included it's prefilling in a bunch of numbers and a couple letters in the customs value box (on the USPS carrier screen) and then when I ask for a quote using Endicia as the carrier, it says something like customs value must be a positive number, even though I'm printing a standard priority mail label for shipping within the U.S. I have to then switch to a quote by USPS, wait for that info to appear and then switch from within that quote screen to Endicia in order for it to work.

    I called tech support today too because it still shows Parcel Post as an optional shipping method in the label manager and if you select that and ask for a quote, you can see it's defaulting to Standard Post (which you CANNOT print online) and the Parcel Select is quoting a rate (which is what you're supposed to use online yet you can't select it). I thought, OK, I'll select parcel post, let it print as Standard Post, no big deal.... except it then errors and says my account is not eligible to print Standard Post - you know why? Because you can't print it online. If you also use Dazzle, you'll see Standard Post is not a printing option, only Parcel Select.

    There are lots of bugs to work out or time needed for API's to update. I'll look at this again in a few months and hope it's running better then.


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      Having the same issues...

      Having some of the same issues. Can't get the postage to print on my current labels. Standard post I was told was only available via inside the Post Office but was also told you could contact the post office and get permission to be able to print Standard Postage online, but they have to turn it on for you. This sounded a little cooky to me but I called USPS and they said they were enablling that for me and also International Priority and International First Class but I still don't see any of these choices on 3dcart. Any advice?


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        They have some work to do.... I was told they are looking into it. Guess they figured we all printed on 8.5 by 11 paper still...
        Pat Cotter

        The Preemie Store


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          I was told no one else was having these issues...

          I was told no one else was having these printing issues with Endicia so I directed the tech guy to this thread. They are not using this as an excuse anymore and I just keep being put off. Typica, crappy 3dcart thing to do. Can any of you choose Standard Post, Parcel Select, International 1st Class or International Priority or are those options missing for everyone? I need a way to print International and a USPS method for items over 13 ounces but not as expensive as Priority, when applicable.


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            Since the last Endicia thread I have started playing with Shipworks and I highly recommend it. The monthly price is very reasonable and the 30 day free trial is easy to set up and doesn't require a credit card.


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              But you can't print Shipworks from within the cart, right?

              The reason I am trying to use Endicia is that I want to be able to print postage within 3dcart in each order. I don't ship that much to make it worth it for me to pay more money to an outside ship company like Shipworks not do I want to have to export all my orders, etc... I need the convinence of just going into each order and just printing the ship label and pay for it right there.

              Today it's been two weeks since I signed up and paid for Endicia and opened a ticket with 3dcart about the issues. I still have no answer and no way to print the labels correctly to size or print International, Standard Post or Parcel Select.

              I just get ignored, as usual when there is a programming issue. So sick of this. I need to focus on looking into another cart, I am just over it. When it's something simple and insignifigant, 3dcart is right there and all over it and fixes the issue in one second. When it's something larger that takes away from their production of paid apps and stuff like that, then it's a whole different ball game! 3dcart is no where to be seen and you will get the run around for weeks, months, etc! It's all about the money for them, not the people and the customer service.


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                Correct, you can't print Shipworks from within the cart. It is a separate
                program on your desktop.

                But, it is very well-integrated. You don't have to mess around with file imports or exports. You just give it your 3DCart key and it will download orders automatically, and when you ship something it will upload the tracking number and update the order status automatically.

                I highly recommend just trying it for a week. It is easy to set up and doesnt require a credit card for the first month of use. It will probably have better shipping label support than any cart you are going to find.


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                  How about endicia - international integration ?

                  I was excited to get the new endicia integration up and running today only to discover:

                  "Customer's country is not US or CA. International shippings are not supported."

                  I guess the endicia integration has not yet been extended past northern north america? What is the timeline for integration of endicia international address acceptance? Besides the postage pricing, there is little difference between the forms / labels required for canada and elsewhere.

                  Also, as referenced in the following thread, there is additional work still to be done to finish integrating endicia.


                  Please bring international support to endicia integration as soon as possible,
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