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Long standing Google Analytics issue, please help!

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  • Long standing Google Analytics issue, please help!

    I always had Google Analytics working perfectly, tracking everything. On the last day in November 2012, my Analytics just stopped tracking for no apparent reason and I have never been able to get it to track again. It is a huge issue because I can't track specific advertising avenues to see where some sales are or are not coming from. I have asked 3dCart for help many times and followed all their advice and nothing ever works.

    The only change to my site that happened around that time was I was on a bad server that kept crashing and finally crashed permanently and was moved to a newer, more updated server (total nightmare, by the way!).

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    Well, you don't have an analytics tracking code in there. At all. No wonder it isn't working.

    I personally do not use the built-in analytics plugin that 3DCart provides. I inserted the tracking code myself.
    1. Go to GA and find your tracking code. It will be a paragraph of javascript code.
    2. Open your frame.html template file
    3. Paste the tracking code in the template file, just above the tag that says </head>

    Back up your frame.html file before editing it just in case.


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      Thank you but 3dcart was the one that told me to remove the code

      Thanks for the advice. I did had the analytics properly installed. When I started having the issue, 3dcart told me that now the analytics is built in to the cart so I would want to remove my existing code because that is probably confusing things and why it's not working. It didn't make any sense to me but I tried it. Didn't work this way either.


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        Did you put your code into the 3D Cart Analytics setup? I see that the page above has 2 Google Site Verifications and this line:

        <script src="googleanalytics.asp?orderid=[orderid]&as=1" type="text/javascript">

        However, I didn't see the normal Google Analytics code.
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          We use the 3dcart code and it works just fine for us.

          However you need to set it up.

          remove all of your own Google Analytics code
          then go to:
          Plugins > Statistics > Google Analytics "settings"
          Add tracking id: UA-xxxxx and click save.

          If you do not have your tracking ID it will not work. You get the Tracking ID from Google Analytics.


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            Ok, went in and updated plug in, still have a question

            Thanks for all the advice. The plug in was set up with the id number, but I replaced it just in case with the correct one.

            Still have a question. Do I need to remove one or both of the 2 Google Site Verifications on my frame page?

            Thanks, Rachel