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  • Discount for Just One Manufacturer

    Maybe I'm just missing it but is there a way to run a promotion for just one manufacturer?

    I thought about excluded all the but one manufacturer but some of my products don't have a manufacturer listed and that wouldn't exclude them.

    To answer the question before it's asked. Some products are from manufacturers that I don't want listed in the side bar and there isn't a way to hide a manufacturer like there is for categories so I just leave the field blank on the product.

    I'm hoping I'm just missing something obvious as that seems like a fairly popular type of promotion ie. 20% of all stuff from XYZ

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    I played around a bit. I set up a promotion that excluded every manufacturer but the one I want to run a promotion for. As I suspected the products that don't have a manufacturer listed at all get the discount.

    To me this seems to be a very obvious promotion to run. We just picked up a new product line and I'd like to kick start it with a nice promo.

    I've submitted a ticket. Hopefully I'm just missing something.


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      Off the top of my head, you may be able to create a special hidden category, and apply that category to all of that manufacturer's items, and then have a rule of "Discount applies to products in this category"


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        I thought about doing that. It should work. I just wish there was a more elegant solution. But I guess a few minutes messing around with a spreadsheet isn't that bad really.

        Might as well do it for every manufacturer while I'm at it. Thanks for the suggestion and motivation!


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          I setup hidden categories for each manufacturer and adjust all the products. Everything seems to work well. Thank you cbsteven you are great asset to the forum.

          Seems like a basic discount that should be available. I might have to try posting it the voting thing.


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            Let us know if you do Shopguy. Drives me crazy that we can exclude but not include things. Never understood why some of those things are set like that.

            Ill gladly add my vote :)


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              I added it but it needs to be approved. Not sure how long that takes. I'll post another reply once it's approved, assuming I get a notification.


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                I know this is an old topic but has anyone come up with a better solution for this? Having a sale on one manufacturer is a common promotion any website should be able to run. Using a hidden category is not a good solution because it is not dynamic. As you add new items for the manufacturer, they are not automatically added to the hidden category. Has 3dcart considered adding this functionality?


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                  vdcusa When you add a new item for this manufacturer, just add it to the the hidden category at the same time. It would be fairly easy to do.


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                    elightbox Thank you for your input. Hopefully 3dcart will add this feature.


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                      I just voted for including manufacturers in promotions. Its been a long time but this would really save me time!


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                        I don't believe that the ability to specify promotion by manufacturer is as useful as it would seem at first consideration.

                        Many store owners sell product lines / types that are sourced from multiple manufacturers. Consider Action Figures for a cartoon for example, like Pokemon. Because a store is likely to sell Pikachu figures and plushies from a variety of manufacturers, it makes more sense to offer something like "10% off all Pikachu toys" rather than "10% off all Pikachu toys, but only those from Manufacturer X." There are of course cases where you'd want to do a sale by manufacturer, but they're limited in use and scope compared to discounts based on category.

                        So to do this, you'll want to what cbsteven and Shopguy talked about years ago at the top of this thread and create a hidden sale category. But, you don't have to mess around with CSV spreadsheet files. Just do this:

                        1) Create your hidden sale / discount category.

                        2) Create the coupon or promotion that applies only to products in that category.

                        3) Go to Products > Product List > Advanced (next to Search) > Select the manufacturer > Click Search

                        This generates a list of all products for that manufacturer.

                        4) Check all the boxes > select Add to Category > click Submit

                        Be careful to Add, not Move.

                        5) On the pop-up, browse to the category you created in step 1.

                        That's all there is to it.

                        When you want to end the sale or promotion you can simply delete the sale / discount category from step 1. This will remove the category from each product in one step, which saves you from having to painstakingly remove the category from each product one by one, or by CSV upload. As for the promotion - just disable it instead of deleting it; you can use it again later for a different sale by associating it with a new sale / discount category.
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                        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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                          Thanks DeanP. I never saw the advance search before!