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Proper Disclosure for Visa/CC Transactions

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  • Proper Disclosure for Visa/CC Transactions

    I wanted to see if there was a way to have a customer check off that they have read the terms and conditions of the website prior to checkout? According to Visa the full terms and conditions must be present on the same page or within the sequence of pages leading up to the check out page, and on that same page the 'click to accept/proceed' must be present in close poximity of those terms/conditions, again, on that same page.

    I recently was burned by a customer who returned a product without all the original packaging as required in our terms however visa held me responsible becuase I currently don't have a way to prove my customers are fully aware of our terms and conditions prior to checking out.

    Visa also states that it can not be a hyperlink to the terms and conditions.

    3d support suggested i use a required checkout questions which i attempted however the terms and conditions are way too long. It needs to be in a scrollable text box in order to look ok on the checkout screen.

    Any/all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! :)

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    If you really want to do this I would probably directly add the T&C scrollable text box to the checkout_step1.html template file, which will require some fairly basic HTML work on your part. Then I would add a Required Checkout Question which makes the user indicate that they read the text box.

    However, I cannot think of any webstore I've ever done business with that has a setup like this with the T&C fully visible on a checkout page. Chargebacks are part of the cost of doing business and the card companies will always be biased towards the cardholder. I ended up removing my T&C checkbox (with a hyperlink to my policies page) entirely just to reduce cart abandonment.


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      We have a Terms and Conditions box with a scroll bar that outlines every single Term and Condition of the sale (absolutely including returns, exchanges, and refunds). It is a required field in which a check box must be checked "I have read, and agree to, the terms and conditions".

      We placed it on Checkout Step 3, right before the "Process Order" (finalize order) button.

      I haven't noticed any abandonment due to the required Terms box, but we feel that this is a box that MUST be checked, and if a customer doesn't agree with the terms (and doesn't want to check the box agreeing to the terms) than we would rather not have the sale.