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Adding a note for no PO Box shipping

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  • Adding a note for no PO Box shipping

    We only use UPS and I have turned on the option for not shipping to PO Boxes. However, when I test the checkout process, there is nothing that explicitly says PO Box not allowed, it's just a general error about not being able to ship to that address. How can I edit the checkout page to add a note (perhaps next to the address field) that says this? I've looked at the page template and am totally at a loss as how to add the text. Thank you!

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    This will require a working knowledge of HTML, and ideally some Javascript if you want to make it look fancy (show up automatically if the user types in a PO Box). It is probably beyond the scope of the help you can get on the forum.

    There are users here (myself included) who could write the code for you for a moderate fee, or you could post a listing on 3dcart Web Design Marketplace

    This would be a good project to become familiar with HTML though. It's relatively simple. I would make a copy of the template page and just start playing around with it to see what the changes do. You can always go back to the original version.


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      Thanks. I used to be fairly handy with HTML, so guess it's time to get my skills out again. I'll play with it for a while, and perhaps contact you for assistance if needed.