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Question About Automatic Customer Discounts

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  • Question About Automatic Customer Discounts

    We have a customer who has been with us for quite awhile and usually places a large order with us once a month. For a variety of reasons, we have chosen to give this customer a "percentage off" discount on every order he places with us. We have TRIED to do this with a coupon, but despite our numerous attempts to explain how to enter a coupon on the View Cart page, he continues to fail in understanding how to apply his discount.

    Because of this, we are trying to find a solution that would automatically apply a percentage off discount to just this one customer. Originally, we thought about setting up a "Customer Group" for this one customer and put his account in that group. However, the maintenance aspect of that is a major pain, because the Customer Group prices are not percentage based, which means we'd have to manually adjust prices for all the products we have in the store, along with manually adjust that "Group's" price every time we have a price change for products.

    Any ideas on how to accomplish this automatic percentage-off discount for this one customer's orders BEFORE he checks out his order?
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    Ok, never mind. I figured it out. First, I created a customer Group for this one customer. Then I go into the Promotion Manager area of Admin and set up a promotion which will give an automatic percentage-off discount. Then in the Advanced options area of the promotion rules, I select that new customer group from the dropdown box. And when testing, it DOES subtract the correct percentage from the product total without any input from the customer. Perfect!
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