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Shipping Import Not Working

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  • Shipping Import Not Working

    Looking for some help with importing tracking numbers. I've read the KB article, but it doesn't really help. I searched the forums and didn't find a similar issue.

    I have 100+ records to update with tracking. I downloaded the sample file, added my data, saved to CSV and went to import. Import shows 106 records processing, then gives me this -

    "Import is now completed.

    0 records inserted. 0 records updated. 0 bad records found."

    Am I setting up the CSV file incorrectly? I have no idea what is causing it to upload fine, but then show all zeros.

    Assistance is appreciated.

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    Just to narrow down the problem, did you check the orders to make sure the tracking number did not make it in?

    Are you working on a Mac or a PC?


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      Good questions.

      Yes, orders still show under processing and there is no change to the ship date or tracking number fields.

      Using a PC.

      I can select the last file imported and it comes back exactly as the original, so the file is getting imported and going somewhere (I think).


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        Next thing to check would be to look at your CSV directly.

        Can you paste some example lines onto