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Change the Z-Index of Quick Search

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  • Change the Z-Index of Quick Search

    Anybody know how to change the Z-Index for Quick Search. On our new design it seems to be behind everything.

    I noticed in quicksearch.css, div.searchlight-balloon it's set to 999, but that doesn't seem to be working. I checked our style sheet and nothing we have is over 10.

    Am I looking in the wrong place?

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    Have a link?


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      Sorry about that. We have the site sort of hidden using a password deal but you can still see the search


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        When I inspect the quicksearch results in Chrome Inspector it does not seem to be modified by quicksearch.css. I couldn't figure out why in the couple minutes I spent on it. When I manually add z-index:99 to the searchlight-balloon div within the inspector, it displays on top like you want.

        Maybe try adding the rule to your normal CSS file?


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          I tried putting just this in our normal spread at the bottom.

          div.searchlight-balloon {
          opacity: 1.00;
          z-index: 99;
          Did you happen to change anything else?


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            Figured it out.

            The HTML has
            It should be "class", not "classname"

            That error exists in several spots in that quicksearch code.

            I'm not sure what file you need to go to to fix it, but that will fix it.


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              They are in files in the common folder. Wouldn't that mean they are messed for everybody?


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                Yes, quite possibly. It is definitely not valid HTML and is the reason why the CSS is not applying to it. It may have been relying on an old IE hack or something.


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                  We asked 3D about it with no luck:

                  ClassName is a javascript part of the code, this is something that doesn't require class as class is an HTML/CSS element. I apologize however these are required parts of the code itself. If you have any additional questions please feel free to let me know.
                  I'll have to fiddle with it at some point.


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                    Yeah, I don't think that is an acceptable answer on 3DCart's part. This is clearly a flaw in the code.