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We don't charge their card right away

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  • We don't charge their card right away

    We don't charge customers' credit cards right away. But I don't see a safe way for them to send us credit card info unless we sign up for online Merchant. Many times we don't process orders until 2-3 days later and because of our products, both USPS and UPS rates are generally wrong - another reason not to charge their cards right away.

    Is there a secure way for customers to send cc info where they won't get charged right away?

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    You can always authorize the card and charge them later. You can pad it to authorize a larger amount and then charge them the exact amount.
    Another option that is available, at least with, is the charge them the merchandise total, then come back the next day after the first amount settles, and charge the shipping on

    Otherwise I don't think there is a safe way for them to send you their card info, especially when you take into consideration that you have to store that info somewhere securely. You would definitely be violating PCI rules.