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  • Manufacturer's ID/Distributor's ID

    Hey everyone. This is my first time posting on the forum as I get my business up and running. I'm doing a lot of dropshipping and have run into an issue. One of my dropshippers has its own SKUs for each product. I have my own SKU system as well, and then the third set of numbers is the manufacturer's ID number.

    I want to use the actual MFG ID in the correct spot, as my webstore is coded to display that number on the product page for SEO and search purposes. So where would I put the distributor's SKU? In one of the custom fields? Obviously it needs to show up on the PO, but in addition to that I want to make sure I've got best practices down from the beginning so I don't have to fix a bunch of stuff later.


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    Yeah, since there is no built in field for distributor SKU, you have to find some other field that you aren't using for it. So one of the extra fields. I also use "warehouse_location" and "warehouse_bin" as additional custom fields since I don't do any warehouse stuff.


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      Thanks, that's very helpful!