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need suggestions for product option naming

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  • need suggestions for product option naming

    We're rolling out a new 3DCart site and I'm a bit stumped on how to name parts in 3DCart to integrate with our existing inventory system which already has the parts named.

    The issue is due largely to the fact that our in-house system has a separate SKU (ID/SKU in 3DCart) for each different item--not a single part number with an 'option' modifier for the details--which is how 3DCart appears set to work. For example, among things, we sell a foam material that has a range of colors and thicknesses.

    our in-house system naming scheme may have something like:


    In 3DCart the goal would be to have the above parts available as a pull-down option from a single product page and have the sales order list the correct part numbers for our in-house system for order entry.

    I don't see any way in 3DCart to assign an ID/SKU for the 'parent' product that can conform to this naming scheme and append a code for the child/option.

    Has anyone else overcome a naming issue like this? Any ideas on how to name parts so that only our in-house SKUs are passed when an order is placed?

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    If you turn on the advanced options you have the opportunity to assign an item level SKU. Unfortunately on the Advanced Options Tab you have to enter the complete SKU for each advanced option. It will not build it for you from IDs entered on the options tab.