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  • Google Chrome problems

    Seems like all issues (unable to order) go back to Google Chrome.
    Anyone else having GC issues?

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    Not me, i use Chrome for both my personal usage and my development. Best browser around IMO.


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      Yeah, weird.
      Just placed an order myself, works fine.

      On that note, the last page (checkout-thankyou.asp), where do I edit that?
      I would like it to say more than just "Thanks"


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        I would make the change in Settings>Payment>Online Methods. Each payment method has it's own thank you message. You can also edit the template file to get exactly what you want, should be checkout-step4.html


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          Got it, Thanks!

          Now, the invoice that gets printed.
          On the bottom, "Order Information", I changed things (text) in there before but for the life of me can't remember where I changed it.

          I tried invoice_print.html, but that's not it. (SPent over an hour looking for it)

          Where can I change the text on the customer invoice?


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            We've had tons of issues with Chrome over the past two years - something to do with how it handles session cookies. We're on an older version of 3DC and we literally could not take a single order from a shopper using Chrome. Every time a customer would try to update the cart, calculate shipping, or checkout, the entire contents of the cart would be wiped out. We are now in the process of migrating to the most recent version of 3DC, but recently our old cart started working with Chrome again. It seems as though the later versions of Chrome do not cause the same issues that previous versions did. This may be the reason why you were able to place an order in your cart from your own PC, while your customer could not. If it happens again, you may want to find out what version of Chrome they are using.


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              Problems with Google Chrome are common. Especially with .NET applications.
              We use a .NET application that just will not function with Chrome.

              Also is not compatible with Chrome:
     support: Authorize.Net isn't compatible with Chrome and we can have issues with Firefox. We work best with Internet Explorer.
              If there is an issue with 3dcart, It might not be unique. I like Chrome and use it as my default browser, but with the knowledge that I have to go to IE or FF on occasion to make things work properly. If someone is not ready to do that, they should stick to IE


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                I use via Chrome. Anything that is written in a standards-compliant way will work fine with Chrome.... if something requires IE then it is a hack. Unfortunately they are common


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                  Originally posted by cbsteven View Post
                  if something requires IE then it is a hack.
                  or its specified explicitly as an activex control. but i digress.. IE is the devil and it makes development unnecessarily difficult at times.