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  • Display RSS on home page

    I would like to display and RSS feed from my blog on my 3dCart home page.

    You would think this is simple, but not for me. :)

    Any thoughts on a good reader? I purchased one, but it doesn't display HTML from the feed, which I need.

    I am assuming I need a Java based one, not an ASP or PHP?

    I'd like total control over the display, no ads and the above mentioned ability to display HTML.



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    Check out this thread and particularly the post(s) by JHB. Using this as a starting point I was able to get ours up and running although I only have the headlines show up. Since WordPress and Feedburner are both free the only cost to do all of this was $10 to use a sub domain of our own for the WordPress.


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      I've got the blog on a subdomain, that was easy.

      I tried BuzzBoost and it shows a bunch of Google Ads. I don't want to advertise for my competitors. :)

      I don't like just using the headlines becuase clicking them takes you away from my site.

      Really, an article module like I had on my old DNN site would be great. :)

      What is your web address? I'd like to see how other people are doing things.




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        If you look at the other post I referred you to and check the profile for JHB you will that website. The blog stuff is at the bottom of the page. They are using both the titles and the beginning of the post. I am not comfortable posting the URL here since it is not mine.

        I cannot post our new site since it is not yet live and the link wouldn't do you any good.


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          No problem.

          I got it working better. The ads were coming from my blog. I just need to slog through CSS to make it look exactly how I want, but I think I am on the right track.

          Thanks for your help.



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            Glad it worked out for you. I meant to mention in my last post that Feedburner does not add advertising, other than their small logo.