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Shipping/Order Management with 3dcart - Please participate

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  • Shipping/Order Management with 3dcart - Please participate

    I'd like to open a discussion about shipping solutions with 3dcart. I hope to get a lot of participation from current 3dcarters. Separately, I'll post a related poll (

    I have tested and evaluated over a dozen 3rd party shipping solutions with my 3dcart store:

    Quickbooks w/ 3dcart 1.0 integration
    ReadyShipper by TrueShip
    Advanced Shipping Manager

    If you'd like to see my evaluation spreadsheet, please PM me and provide your e-mail address. Not all evaluations are complete; if I ran across something that was a "deal breaker", I didn't spend anymore time looking into it.

    In the end, none of these solutions were everything we wanted them to be - and surfaced an issue with using any 3rd party shipping/order management app. While we haven't gone "live" yet, 3dcart's own shipping manager looks like it works pretty well, though it doesn't process international packages. This is what got us started to look for a single solution that would ship both domestic and international shipments. I would have liked to evaluate Monsoon Stone Edge but they don't offer a trial period that I know of. However, I don't think Stone Edge is exempt from the issue.

    Tracking Numbers
    3dcart's shipping manager:

    In 3dcart, only one tracking number can be saved for each "shipment". While "shipment" often refers to multiple packages shipped together, in 3dcart it's limited to one package. 3dcart has a "split shipment" feature that is pretty neat, and is an excellent feature for separating backordered products for future processing. It's also a great solution if it's important to your business to know which product shipped in which package. For us, we feel this is too time consuming. In 3dcart's shipping manager, it would be important to record multiple tracking numbers that appear on the customer's Account Page without having to split it into multiple shipments.

    3rd Party Solution:
    If using a 3rd party solution, the issue compounds. While many of the solutions I looked at have a feature similar to 3dcart's "split shipment" to ship multiple packages for an order, only one tracking number is uploaded to 3dcart - and future shipments overwrite the previous tracking number. In other words, you can short-ship or "split" the shipment in the 3rd party app, but it doesn't reflect this in 3dcart.

    In summary, if I use 3dcart's shipping manager, I have to use the split shipment feature and choose which products are going in each box - and I can't ship international packages. If I use a 3rd party solution, only one tracking number will be uploaded to 3dcart and (I have to disable 3dcart customer notifications because they'll get a notice that the entire order was shipped when it actually has a back order.) Fortunately, we will only be selling through 3dcart. It must be quite a headache managing multiple channels.

    ****** Stone Edge users: I understand that Stone Edge costs several thousand dollars a year. Does it offer a solution for multiple tracking numbers?

    ****** Those shipping with 3dcart: Do you use the 3dcart "split shipment" feature when you're shipping more than box on the same order (and isn't a backorder)? What do you use for international shipments?

    ****** Those using a 3rd party solution: What do you use and how do you overcome that it only uploads one tracking number (and marks the order "shipped" when it may not be completely shipped yet)

    ****** Those shipping manually: Where do you enter multiple tracking numbers in an order?

    ****** Those shipping with UPS Worldship: There shouldn't be a problem with multiple tracking numbers because each tracking number will pull up tracking info for the other boxes.

    Thank you!

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    I use and like Shipworks, and I simply don't regard the multiple-tracking-numbers thing as an issue. It happens so rarely, and usually they are part of the same overall UPS or FedEx "shipment" so that tracking one will show both.


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      We use shipworks on all of our stores. Shipworks will handle split/multiple shipments. It also will send tracking numbers to customers if you use the shipworks emails instead of 3dcarts. It will not send multiple tracking numbers back to 3dcart though. This is a limitation of 3dcart, not shipworks. In order to add multiple tracking to 3dcart you have to manually add them to the comments.

      Shipworks handles international just fine.


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        We use StoneEdge - it won't split shipments, but as someone else pointed out that's a limitation of 3dCart, not SEOM.
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          I use ShippingEasy and LOVE it. Split shipments aren't really a problem for us either although ShippingEasy will handle split shipments


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            Seconding what tclifesaftey said, we also use Stone Edge and it has no problems with multiple tracking numbers on a single order, but that doesn't help with 3dcart's limitation. We rarely have orders with multiple tracking numbers so it's not a problem for us though. I would recommend contacting 3dcart and seeing if they could develop the functionality that you need. In our experience if you talk to them about developing a feature that other 3dcart customers would want as well their pricing is extremely reasonable.


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              I am not sure you are using the Shipworks setup correctly, if you are not getting tracking numbers to update. We use the split shipping all the time. Here is what you need to do to get it to work. Take the order and split out the items that are going together in the right boxes - in 3dCart. You will get a column for Ship# next to each item. Assign the item to the ship# based on the box it is going to be shipped in. Then download your orders into Shipworks. They will break out into separate boxes. Then when it updates back to 3dCart, you will have separate tracking numbers. If there are multiple boxes via FedEx or UPS - it updates with the master tracking number, so multiple tracking numbers are usually not necessary. The Master will give the updates as appropriate. In Shipworks you can change your settings to send orders to either Processing or Shipped. We do processing. Then we can make any updates, changes, etc to the order, before marking it as shipped. Not sure if that helps, but that is our process and we get all the tracking numbers updated automatically. Nothing to do manually.


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                I would like to see 3DCart's check out automatically choose commercial or residential for a customer's address.

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                  Thank you all for your comments. Hopefully 3dcart will see how important to be able to have multiple tracking numbers for one order. By their own design, splitting a "shipment" is more for backorders, drop shipments etc. A shipment should be able to have multiple packages.

                  As to the "master" tracking number for UPS/Fedex, this is true - if you're using a shipping solution that can do multiple packages for the same shipment (UPS Worldship, Quickbooks, etc...). However, this doesn't help for USPS packages as there's not "master tracking number".

                  Also true that if your shipping solution sends shipping notifications and you turn off 3dcart notifications, this is a partial solution. The problem is that the customers won't be able to see it in their online account. It will appear that it all shipped under one tracking number.

                  Thank you all again! This post will help other people in the future.