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Shipping calculations with Drop-shipping

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  • Shipping calculations with Drop-shipping

    For those of you who have had products drop-shipped - what are some of the best ways to handle shipping costs for orders when having products drop-shipped from different parts of the country?

    The only options I can think of would be to either come up with an average shipping amount and then add that as a fixed shipping cost per product or base shipping costs on order total or calculate shipping later.

    With our current store, we use a fixed amount based on order total. But that won't work for us with our new store.

    I would love to see a feature on 3DCart that would make this simpler.

    Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated.

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    use the distrubutor tool and it will base shipping costs from the location of the products, not the location of your store.


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      Thanks. We are setting up a new store and never needed to use the distributor functionality - so I never even knew that existed.

      That's great news! Thanks again.