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Dealing with screwed up categories due to a bad migration... I need some guidence.

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  • Dealing with screwed up categories due to a bad migration... I need some guidence.

    OK so we had 3dcart do a paid migration from big commerce. I checked over things pretty well, but I missed a huge bad issue. And category that came from Bigcommerce that had a / in the name is completely screwed up. that / was something that I warned them about countless times and they agreed it would be an issue, yet after months of nothing and finally a last minute rush to finish they seem to over looked that and now I have a good amount of categories that ended up split and I am missing products and sub categories.

    Is there any way to export the categories and deal with them via CSV? I think it would be a lot simpler to do it that way. I just have no clue on exporting categories only. I have pretty well figured out how to work with the product export and import and can even create products in CSV and link images, so i have learned something new this month.

    My site went live so I am in a scramble to get everything fixed and start updating our products and categories and getting back to business.

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    Jon, sent you an email
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      Sent back. Its going to be a lot of work, but ill get it figured out! I just wish they would have been more careful or attentive when checking their work. I also asked for the files prior to the Feb 17th changes we made to the site just in case something I had you do changed it.


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        Ok, So with the help of Samantha and Xavier here at 3dcart we were able to figure out a solution. Samantha and the dev team set me up with a developer site that was a live site from a back up of our site from earlier in January before the categories became corrupt. We were able to download a good product and category CSV file from there. I then was able to correct a few issues that were done by the migration team with Samantha's and Xavier's guidance. We changed the price issues we were having with all the products being on sale. I also was able to change all my categories that had used a \ to & and / This helps because it is not a separator that 3dcart uses for other reasons. This took a bit of caution and double checking between multiple CSV files to make sure we were not causing more issues then fixing. In the end we were able to upload and change all the categories and they are now back to normal. I do want to thank those two for helping me every setup of the way and answering all my questions quickly. Almost every email i sent was returned within the hour which is helped me out a ton. Xavier was on live chat and while he could not do some of the things I needed he was able to talk me through and help me understand what exactly my changes would do.