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Connection Not Private Warning Logging Into Dashboard???

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  • Connection Not Private Warning Logging Into Dashboard???

    I keep getting this error when I attempt to log into my seller dashboard and it concerns me. WHY am I getting this error? Anyone? Is anyone else getting these errors logging into their backend?

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      I get this every day. For me, it is because of my internet settings and using Norton security. I haven't found a setting in Norton yet to override the screen by giving permission for 3D to be set as "safe". Let me know if you find the setting.


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        Don't use Norton, Chrome threw that error, first time I've ever gotten it. Avast didn't give me a warning though, but I never got it using firefox. I looked all through my default chrome settings and just didn't have it jump out at me, and support gave me a different link to log into the dashboard on and I haven't gotten it since.