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  • Category template thumbnail size

    Is there any way to make the category page template product thumbnail size larger. Need the thumbnail bigger so you can see designs on the shirt better.

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    For the Category image, I just loaded up a jpg. (Select Category. Link to the Category icon.)

    If you are talking about the product thumbnail, that can be defined in the Store Settings.


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      Yeah Dave the category page thumbnail. Talked to support and they told me I can resize it in store settings but only for new images,images already in file manager can not be resized for the category page thumbnail. Also they told me if I were to switch theme template the sizing would revert back to default which means would have to reload all images I think.


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        OK. Another option is to FTP images to your hard drive. Use image batching software (such as Fireworks), set desired size, and batch process. FTP them back and I think you'll be all set. You could try one or two just to make sure.
        Last edited by Davef; 03-28-2015, 03:55 PM. Reason: I'd set it to an area rather than specific size. For example: Not to exceed 350 x 350