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How is everyone making this "responsive" transition? I'm so confused!

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  • How is everyone making this "responsive" transition? I'm so confused!

    In process of trying to switch over my 8 year old, fully customized 3dcart site to a new, mobile friendly, responsive site. What are reasonable choices? What are people doing? What is working? What is not working? Are you using a free 3dcart HTML5 template and if so, how did you transition all your site content and products? Or did you pay 3dcart to do it? Or did you get an outside template and implement it yourself? I am very confused as to what will happen to my hundreds of blog entries, the pictures, links and formatting? What about all of my text formatting and links through my entire site in product descriptions, etc.... What happens to all that? What happens to all the product photos? I tried to ask 3dcart all these questions if I pay them to convert me but I can't seem to get many answers on this. Sales doesn't seem to know this but that is who they have you speak with. Any advice as soon as possible would be so greatly appreciated.

    ​Thanks! Rachel

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    I used a 3dc html5 template and just had to make small tweaks on mine, alignment on some columns, etc. and some of that has even been worked out bu support as it was reported to them there were issues. I didn't have alot of customization, but what I did have pretty seamlessly transitioned over, but I went from 3dc non responsive to responsive, so therein might lie the difference? I didn't do anything different to my mobile site at all and it passes google's mobile friendly test. Maybe someone who had a customized template, etc. can chime in and we both can learn alot?


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      I am in a similar position. I am using an original 3dcart template that 3dcart has decided not to make in html5. They want me to pay $1300 to make it into html5. Maybe I am missing something here, but I am sure there are many people using the same theme that would be willing to share the cost of conversion. Why doesn't 3dcart charge a smaller amount to each person to create all the old themes into html5? They would likely collect much more than $1300 per theme. I would certainly not pay $1300 to convert.

      Regarding your question Rachel, I am pretty sure that all products, product pictures, categories, and product descriptions can be easily imported into a new html5 theme via the import/export section.

      Toobusy, I am not sure what are you saying, are you saying that you switched to an html5 theme that is totally different from your orignal non responsive theme?


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        Yes I just bip back and forth between, I think 4 or 5 of their responsive themes because I thought maybe I'd like a different theme better than the one I was using that was non responsive but it is one of the templates that they made responsive. Pretty much everything is the same theme to theme, except maybe I didn't like the layout, or it didn't look automotive enough, or too kidsy or something. They don't have alot of themes that could go automotive, although I've talked to Shaun about a new one he has and I LOVE it, but I haven't pursued it because this is show season and things haven't heated up on the business end and I haven't had the time, literally, to mess around with a new theme at all. I just go to the themes, go to the responsive themes and pick a different one, have it install and check it out. If i don't care for it, I revert back again. It seems I had to add my woopra tracking code and my google code because I lost ownership of my site on one theme, can't remember which one, but that was a pretty easy fix. Bear in mind, I'm using a stock template, have from day one, not alot of customization to the theme, so maybe that's the difference?


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          i personally like the theme you're using Toobusy, I am also using it. I have had Shaun do a few tweaks, and have a few more in the works , but just have not had time to get with him to lay them out. I think the basics of the theme are strong and a few more customizations will do just fine. We do not really need a fancy over the top theme to sell stuff, we just need it to be easy to navigate.


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            I'm moving what was originally a $3500 custom design by 3dcart onto a new 3dcart responsive template. I had messaged a couple knowledgeable users here on the forums regarding having them do it, but unfortunately we were not able to make room in the budget. So, here I am doing it myself.

            In my opinion, the new templates are so nice that they don't require a whole lot of editing; of course, this is subjective.

            Any features native to 3dcart (wish list, registry, reviews, product sorting, etc.) will seamlessly carry over to the new template. Any non-native feature or functionality (javascript you inserted to change how something displays, moving button code from one location to another) will not carry over.

            My manual transition is going well except the CSS wall I just hit, due only to my lack of CSS understanding. Any generous donation of assistance would be appreciated. :)

            - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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              drop me a line dean, i've done a line or two of css in my day. :)


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                I can vouch for that! Helped many people out on the forums over the few years I've been here ;)


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                  Is there a good online guide to converting regular html and css to HTML5/responsive?


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                    My experience thus far
                    I purchased the unlimited premium template package and feel that was a good decision. Personally I would not fall in love with my old design regardless of what I invested because of how different responsive design is. Chances are whatever you have is not going to work without some modification on responsive design

                    Because I had the unlimited package I opened up a sandbox account had my site cloned and dropped it into the sandbox. I then looked at my site under all the 3-D carts 13 responsive design templates that was the first big eye-opener - they should really offer something that allows people to see their at least homepage in all the designs because it's really impossible to make an educated decision without doing so. We ended up deciding on "Elegant"

                    I also have another store we're developing with a free template that definitely has more limitations than the premium templates. It took literally more than two days of looking at the site and getting a couple of quotes from 3-Dcart design partners who were quoting on things that simply couldn't be done that led me to my ah-ha moment

                    After looking at our home page while staring at a 23 inch monitor a 19 inch monitor and iPad a Kindle & my smart phone I realized that designing the 3-D cart RD templates requires designing for six websites simultaneously - vertical and horizontal for each of the desktop the tablet and the smart phone screens. It's all a different look

                    The biggest issue I've seen is communicating a marketing message globally which I used to do in my global header. The global header on RD shrinks about 80% when you go to vertical and so your message has to be very short.

                    The other big problem is that many enterprise sites like target when you look at their site on mobile their category tree remains static whether you're vertical or horizontal so they able to provide a global message 100% of the time at the top of the screen.

                    With the 3-D cart responsive design template that I'm using when you're on mobile and go to vertical view - the category tree goes away and you end up with the three bars at the top left which when tapped pushes a category tree/information bar fly out from the right side, making a global bar less useful because it would only be seen about 70% of the time at least in our case (desktop views)

                    ​The good news is this makes for a extraordinarily clean design the bad news is we had a lot of links that provided useful information about the site on a global nav bar that we're pushing down one level - the results of which remain to be seen

                    Thus far we have found 4 issues with the Elegant RD template on the 3-D cart side worth noting

                    1) text was bleeding over onto the main image in the default listing template - this is been fixed by support

                    2) elements were remaining left justified in the global footer despite the word left was nowhere in the WYSIWYG editor - this is been fixed by support

                    3) after UN hiding "manufacturers" it will only deploy on the site fully expanded (and is now at the top of the cat tree- awaiting for supports response

                    4) elements in the global left banner now appear at the top of the category tree instead the bottom which we will probably have to address with some customization so we don't push the category tree down on the page

                    In that we use enterprise search thru searchspring they must redesign the CSS search template at a cost of $500 which is money well spent.

                    Originally I did not like the view cart page because I thought having the checkout button at the top and the bottom of the cart was overkill until you look at view cart on a small screen horizontally and you'll realize the bottom button could be invisible to the end-user and so the top button keeps things in front of them

                    I'm building a migration checklist and a launch countdown sequence which I will share after we deploy

                    That is all for now


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                      I am using the free 3dcart template v32005-html5. I came over from an old homestead platform that I had built on for 10 years. Basically I had to recreate everything for 5000 products. However, I am very happy with the results and it only took a couple weeks.

                      Here are 2 pages for comparison.

                      new site:

                      old site:

                      The 3dcart site is a million times better than our old homestead site and I wish I had changed over a long time ago. However, in regards to the responsive theme, one of the coolest things to do is take your browser window and slowly reduce it down. Then watch how everything adjusts itself on the new site. The menus change over and everything lines up great. On our old site everything just disappears off the screen.


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                        Originally posted by damiencaz
                        I do not mind doing the work, but does anyone know how we can work on a site before it goes live? We run a fairly busy site and with customers going on and seeing half of the page missing while we work on it - or colors being way off - while we look to see what works best are going to not want to come back to a site that does not look good. We want a solid, clean site to go live..... not a site half a**. Does anyone have any recommendations?

                        Go to "Settings", then "Design", then "Close Store"


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                          @damiencaz get a sandbox store $65/mo for 10,000 prods - clone your live store "complete" $99 - have sales place cloned store in sand box store - design away - when ready clone store "design only" $99 and have sales apply new templates to live store - we're waiting to apply our new design - this is a procedure that 3dcart just assumes every one knows - it's a great system but had to talk to a lot of people to get the 360 view


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                            Funny Rod, which it was that easy but in some weird way, I actually like 3dcart, despite their many flaws. For any of you that has not transitioned yet to responsive, has your sales and traffic taken a dive, of is it just me?


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