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  • Manufacturers drop down

    I'm being told by support that the manufacturers drive down the sides having been moved to the top of the category tree is only available in expanded view and to have it collapsed would require customization - I'm finding this really hard to believe is anybody else seeing the manufacturers drop-down list only in expanded view - ever?

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    I had this problem. I had Shaun "thecartdesigner" fix it for me. Now we have an issue with it being in random order and not in alphabetical due to sorting numbers. I have not had time to sort that issue yet, its not a huge deal for me.


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      sloppy design I've been a full time webmaster for 12 years never saw a navigation box that you could't decide to expand or not

      shaun blew me off - must have too much business - already gave $1000 to someone else for other customizations


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        Hey Mitch,

        I apologize if you feel that you got blown off. I had no intention of non response. But I am glad you found someone to help you. It has been terribly hectic with everyone trying to beat the 21st google deadline.

        Whoever told you that it is only allowing expanded mode is completely wrong. If you want it as a standard unmodified (no design added) drop down here is one I built that uses 3dcarts typical css rules (Just paste over your current manufacturer start and end):

        <div id="modManufacturer" class="module"> <span class="menu-headers">[frame_manufacturer]</span>
        <form name="mfg" id="mfg" method="get" action="search_groups.asp" style="padding: 0px; text-align: center; margin: 0px;">
        <select name="manf" onChange="this.form.submit();" id="Select1" class="txtBoxStyle" style="width:100%;">
        <option value="0" selected="selected" class="txtBoxStyle">Brands</option>
        <!--START: manufacturer_format-->
        <option value="[mfgid]" class="txtBoxStyle options">[manufacturer]</option>
        <!--END: manufacturer_format-->
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          Thank you for that Shaun - I ended up doing a lot of heavy lifting myself but things like building a new RSS template for enterprise search is above my pay grade. I'm going to deploy today or tomorrow and live with the bits and pieces that need cleaning up as they will always be there whether the site is new or 12 years old.

          What I'm experiencing is certain bugs like the templates not respecting font changes and globally wherever a table is placed it's left justified regardless of the code. All the text in the listings was bleeding over to the main image and they told me I had to modify the template which was nonsense because I just bought the template and after three or four arguments they fixed that

          Speaking of which three people in support were adamant about the expansion of the manufactures - it's also in the wrong place - at the top of the category tree which makes no sense so that said - I'm building a punch list that can be carried out post deployment if you're interested so you won't have to be focused against the 4/21 deadline - let me know - thanx