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Open letter to 3D cart - Responsive Templates

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  • Open letter to 3D cart - Responsive Templates

    First of all, let me say that I like 3D Cart. The support staff genuinely tries to help and often is able to solve problems. The entire company in fact is great. I'd like to help 3D cart become even a greater company and perhaps minimize the concerns on this forum.

    Suggestions to 3D cart regarding Premium templates. We pay extra for quality and a little more attention to this fact would go a long way in encouraging even more store owners to buy them.

    1. Along with the template, provide a list of images and css tags, with explanation or example. The forum is packed with questions about adjusting the header, footer, and menus. Maybe that should be made easier or maybe you could explain in the KB how to do those things, even if it is responsive. The inspector is good, but a list would be even better. It makes for a nice "package". Premium, you know?

    2. Make sure that the product name is close to the image. The name is actually part of the product. Surprise! Separating them is not a good idea. For example, images at the top with significant space above the name is not logical. There should be at least one template that dynamically changes the image frame to allow the product name to be close to the product and vertical space between images. Not all of us have long images. Some have 250x250.

    3. Link Settings to the template. Otherwise, why bother having the selection in the Settings? (If you turn off Newsletter in the settings, it should turn off in the premium template.) I'm referring here to the Premium templates that are custom-designed to work on 3d cart.

    4. Add labels for images of menu, shopping cart and search on every page. Or make them optional. Not all shoppers know that the three lines is a menu. I'm going to redesign the buttons to include the words. Should not have to though. Hovering is not intuitive for everyone. We forget what it was like when we first started out. If the avg shopper is 42, they are not 30. And, they are getting older.

    5. Have someone with a strong knowledge of English read the emails and system messages. Do not shout at the customer with 40 pt fonts in all caps. Use good sentence structure. Do not say “"Thank you for your order. Thank you."” Why is “thank you repeated? Be polite: "“Contact us if you have questions”" should be "“Please contact us if you have questions”." Never use ALL CAPS when addressing a customer, especially telling them they typed the wrong password. (I think that’ has been corrected.) Use the SAME language in the HTML and text versions of the emails. Why are they different? Do not ’overwrite custom email text when upgrading formatting.

    6. All text above 30 pts or below 8 pts should be reviewed by a designer. Any fonts in light gray should be reviewed for visibility. The average age of a shopper is 42 years which means light gray text is difficult to read. If you really love soft gray, put some contrast behind it. (I’d love it if you’d use Google fonts on all templates. Not related to font height, but it is for readability. Google does some great research on readability. I'll be changing my template to Google fonts because it gives me an advantage.)

    7. Check to see if template fits the device. Use REAL devices (phone, tablet). The monitor absolutely does not reflect what happens. Just contact me. I'll tell you about it.

    8. Check menus (left and drop down) to make sure that they can be opened/closed. Use a real device. Why do you think a customer would want to just look at a category list and not at the product?

    9. Senior Designers should ALWAYS review final template before offering it for sale Then, at least TWO designers should check that template. Have fun - make it an exchange, make bets on mistakes, anything to encourage them to design templates that work extremely well. Pay one of your customers to check it. Have them sign a non-disclosure agreement if you are worried about theft. It is far better to address problems up front. Hold the designers responsible. If they make a mistake, they should fix it, yesterday. Hold designer meetings twice a week. One more meeting with all of the tech support staff and designers together. Fixes should be discussed at length. Keep notes.

    10. Test, test, test. II will be more than happy as will others on this forum, to provide feedback. Many of us were probably software developers in our past lives.

    11. Provide responsive template training to tech support. There are many examples where tech support said to buy services from 3Dcart when the solution is easy and may not even be related to responsive templates. They should really know that it is a responsive template issue. Their responses sound like mindless rote. Referring everyone to buying custom design sounds really greedy and does not sell services. It makes a customer wary. (Example, the packing slip did not format as before. I was told to buy services. Within 2 minutes of posting, a forum member posted a simple fix.)

    12. Tech support should have a list of FAQ so that they do not automatically say: "“That’ is s a responsive issue. Buy our custom design service.”"

    13. The forum should be reviewed to find items that can be easily addressed in the KB. Just think of the money/time you'd save. And, again, more business because of good will.

    14. The custom design staff should EXTENSIVELY review the premium templates before they are released. Custom design staff absolutely need to know what is standard and what is custom.

    15. Customers should not be charged for substandard design in a custom template nor have to pay for fixing substandard design. Let the custom designers stand tall and proud. They should be allowed to be creative and add features not provided in a standard template. They should not spend their time correcting items that should have been addressed before or charge a customer for that. Perhaps a contract should be included with the custom design that says that they will fix specific issues (listed).

    16. There are many complaints about not being able to modify custom design templates that have been purchased. Perhaps a free followup consultation should be considered or charge $25.

    17. Let the designer know it's ok to make a mistake. I don't know this for certain. However, if the work environment makes the designer feel punished or sense loss of job because of a simple oversight, they are not going to "own" it. It is far better to support them and understand that everything is a learning curve. They need to feel comfortable about fixing things (instead of charging customers for a slight mistake).

    18. Employ the practices that website owners use. We provide extra service. It sells our products and, more importantly, they will come back and refer their friends. (If we sell televisions, we help them figure out how to use it, even if a different brand of electronics is used with it.)

    Additional thought:
    Refer to usability studies. Amazaon and Walmart have spent thousands on studying consumer shopping behavior. Here's just one:

    Notice how their headers do not overwhelm the page, how the categories are displayed, etc.

    Not everyone wants a pretty page. Some of us need to sell like Amazon and Walmart. Easy, quick navigation, clarity.
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    3dcart - please don't be offended by this post. Just some of my thoughts. You're doing a great job!


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      Forum members: Most of the above rant was generated by problems with one template. Tech support provided a forum member with a solution who subsequently provided it to me.