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Changing ADD TO CART button to MORE INFO

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  • Changing ADD TO CART button to MORE INFO

    My store has products that come in one size only for certain items, while others come in multiple sizes and this is where my problem is. Is there a way to change the add to cart button to something like "more info"? While on the home page and someone clicks add to cart it takes you to the product page and the customer can select they size they desire. But when on sub-categories and someone clicks add to cart for an item offered in a few sizes it just selects the item I have set as the default. The only problem with the default item is that it doesn't show the size selected just the item name.

    Is this something I can change on my own or do you need to know html to address this?

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    Settings > Design > Store Language. Press CTRL F to search with your browser. Search for Add to Cart and change the text where appropriate.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting