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Exporting just Manufacturers?

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  • Exporting just Manufacturers?

    IS there way to just export the list of manufactures on our sites? I have an issue with the sorting being all screwed up with our manufactures. I need to set the sorting to Zero on all of them so they list in alphabetical order. I just cant seem to find a way to make a CSV file with just that column. You can import them, but I see no export option.

    I think they need to seriously rethink some of these import export features.

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    Settings> General > Manufacturer: Go into each one and click edit and change sorting to zero. Not sure if it would work, but seems like it might. Not sure about importing and exporting them though.

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      i started doing that buy we have over 200 manufactures and doing it one at a time with so many clicks for each one is making me want to blow my brains out.