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Collapse subcategories?

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  • Collapse subcategories?

    Is there a way to make the subcategories collapse after leaving the parent category or at least have it collapse after going back to the homepage so that only main (parent) categories are shown?

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    What page/location are you referring to?


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      Hey Mueller,

      I'm speaking of the homepage.

      When you're on the homepage and click on one of the categories in the lefthand column, the cart immediately jumps to the category page that I clicked on and of course lists all of the subcategories for that category both in the middle section and in the lefthand column just as I want it to.

      However, if I go back to the homepage, the subcategories for the last category visited stays listed instead of collapsing. I'd like when someone clicks away from a category and back to the homepage for the page to be "refreshed" back to the normal homepage with all categories collapsed.

      Hopefully that makes sense - Anyone know how to do this?


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        We don't use that functionality so I am not sure how it works or how to change the default action. Perhaps this would require some custom programming. You may want to open a ticket for this one.


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          You're probably right. I'll check on that. Thanks.