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  • Any Plans for a Guestbook

    Hello to all,

    I'm a newbie on 3dc and I was wondering if there are plans for a guestbook in the future or if not, what guestbook would be best. Thanks

    John Anderson

    Also you can check our website out and give me feedback if not to much of a bother. Please be honest, even if it is harsh, I need to know what people think.

    Sorry, this is probably not the right section. Like I said, I'm a newbie:D
    Thanks again,
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    A few quick thoughts on your site (keep in mind these are only my opinions and may not be worth $0.02):
    • Fix hover of navigation items in top left so they don't move every time they are moused over
    • Bump your category group down a bit so you have a little white space between the red of this group and red menu above it
    • Change the image you are using for credit cards in the footer so they do not appear covered with gray screen


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      Thanks for the input. It took awhile for me to figure out why the links at the top would move like that when you moused over them. One was set to bold and the other to normal type. I also like the idea of changing the credit cards, I was not sure which looked better. I have Adobe Illustrator, so changing it was not that big of a deal. I'm not sure if I follow you with bumping the category group down. Can you explain that alitttle more for me? I'm not sure if I know what you mean. Anyway thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. Could you tell me who you use for your ssl. If I use the 3dc system, can I get some kind of seal so people can tell it is protected. I'm thinking about going with GoDaddy's Deluxe ssl, it's $90.00 and 45.00 to have 3dc to install, but that still saves you about $100.00 compared to geotrust. Thanks again,


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        We just have 3DC do the SSL cert for us (not shared) and then put the GeoTrust certification on our site. Not sure what GoDaddy offers.

        I'm not sure if I follow you with bumping the category group down. Can you explain that alitttle more for me?
        I am referring to the top of the box titled 'Category' which runs into the navigation bar. It looks a bit odd to me and I think if you bumped this down a bit you will get a little white space.

        As I typed the above I realized I may just be seeing this in Firefox, which I am. It looks fine in IE, but you may want to take a quick look to see what I am referring to in Firefox.


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          Now I see what you mean. That's strange. I submitted a ticket to see if they could fix the problem. Never used firefox before. Thanks for the input.