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  • Google Product Feed issues

    Are any of you having issues with the Google Product feeds that are being generated by 3DCart. By this I'm not referring to configuration issues - I realize that there are many merchants that have issues with setting up the feeds, but we've been using them for months now without any issues.

    The problem we are having is that the Google Shopping Product feeds are being generated with incorrect pricing. This is causing thousands of our products to be suspended because the feed pricing does not match our site pricing.

    I had done a major pricing update on Friday. I then generated a new feed Saturday morning. I came back from a business trip yesterday to discover that our shopping traffic had dropped significantly, so I logged into the Google Merchant center where I then found the problem. So this morning I tried to generate a new feed from 3DCart to check it against the issues being shown in the Mercant Center diagnostics. Sure enough, the feeds are still being generated with the old pricing from last week.

    I'll call support later this morning when they get it, but I figured I'd ask around to see if this issue is affecting anyone else while I'm waiting.

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    UPDATE: After spending time with 3D support, we found the problem to be a browser caching issue. Usually we use Chrome as our primary browser. After generating the feed in Firefox (after clearing all cookies, cache, etc) the issue was resolved. Frankly I have no idea why browser cache would be affect this, given that the feeds are being generated on the server, but I'm just happy that it worked. Any tech-types out there have an explanation as to how the generated feed could be affected by the browser cache?