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Analytics not working since April 21s.... no help from 3dcart, what is going on???

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  • Analytics not working since April 21s.... no help from 3dcart, what is going on???

    I'm using the v40012-html5 responsive template, I switched over on April 15th/16th. Took a few days after that to get things adjusted. On 4/21, my Google Analytics completely stopped working. I had "Universal Analytics" checked and my proper UA number and it didn't work still. I called Google and they just said to manually put in the Google Tracking code to all pages so I went ahead and disabled the Universal Analytics and added the proper tracking code to the frame of my site. Still not working. Called Google again, they took a look and said there were three "tag" errors they are seeing on their end preventing Analytics from working.

    Here were the tree errors they mentioned... "Unknown Method: Code Not Using An Analytics Method which is within the Analytics Library" /// "Missing Analytics.JS Script" /// "No HTT Response Detected".

    Anyone know what any of this means and why this is happening? I have not gotten a response from 3dcart on this or a fix for over 5 days now, not the happiest at this moment! Anyone else having this issue?

    Thanks! Rachel

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    I had the same thing happen on my end, and then out of nowhere about two weeks into stats not working I get an email from Google stating that I'd lost ownership of my site and needed to reclaim it. how it happened, I'm not sure, but the code for my UA wasn't there any longer and once I put all the code back in and reclaimed my site, my stats got back to normal. I use V40001 html5 but it was when I made the switch to html5 that suddenly my code was no longer there? Have you checked to make sure you UA number and code are still where they need to be? Just a guess on my part because of what happened with me. Wish I'd thought to check it sooner because I lost all my products and everything on google for awhile because of it and didn't know what was happening.