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Horizontal Header Categories (Pages) are not Hyperlinked

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  • Horizontal Header Categories (Pages) are not Hyperlinked

    Hi: I submitted a ticket but have not been helped yet. My header horizontal links (pages) links have gone dead. The text for the links is there but the hyperlink is not associated. The response I've had from support is that the links are there. Yes, the *text* for the links are there, but there are no *links* to click on. Hover over "FAQs" and nothing - click on it, nothing. Same for all the other links: account, home, reviews, etc... The links are there and can be clicked on on my iphone but NOT on laptop, pc or tablet. I HAVE cleared cache and cookies, exited site, closed browser, reopened. I've also tried other browsers. These links USED to work and I didn't do anything (that I know of) to remove the links or mess with any kind of setting that would have removed the links. THAT I KNOW OF. The only thing I have done as far as editing the template was to increase the number for the size for the main categories area so that all the categories I made will show up (only a certain number will be visible across horizontally, increasing the space allowed for a second row of categories). Can anyone help me?

    ETA my website
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    Quick explanation as to what is happening:
    Your top bar menu is fine, but is falling down (Behind) the header in order of coding. Yes you can still see it but since the header code is actually above where the top bar menu is coming from, it covers the top bar coding and keeping you from being able to click on the links.

    You have a couple things that you can do with your template to make it work properly around this issue:

    Add these 2 rules to your default_modified.css { position: relative; z-index: 2;}
    .top-menu-bar .col-3, .col-xs-3 { width: auto;}

    Save, clear cache and that should be it. Hope this helps
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      Thank you for the reply thecartdesigner. I did make one tiny change to the default_modified.css a week ago (and this according to support ticket advice) and that was to change the size of the horizontal cats menu total height from 37 to 75 so that all of my categories would display ( I had more than the space would display). And it worked for 5 days. And the top bar menu was working. Suddenly 2 days ago it stopped working. So I changed the spacing back just now and it is still not working. I don't understand why the links worked after I made the change for several days and then stopped working. And now why it is not working after I changed it back. :/ Anyway, I am not (obviously) a techie but would like to have some understanding of what happened. When I made the horizontal categories menu larger it moved UP over top of the top bar menu? Is that right? And why would the top bar menu links not be working now after I put the horizontal categories space back to original?

      ETA: Oh, so is there a specific spot/area in the file I should put the suggested rules?

      ETA: I just put it in right above where I had tried to tweak the horizontal categories menu so I would know where it was and it worked! Thank you thank you thank you!! I might go back and see if I can increase the space for the horizontal categories again to see if it will work.

      ETA: I increased the horizontal categories menu again and the top bar menu links are still working! Thanks you!!! Oh, and I let tech know. :)
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        Oh No! My site is not working on MOBILE now!! I do not remember if I checked it after resolving this issue on laptop/pc. Could this edit of css have made my mobile site not work? Specifically, the mobile site (on cell) is not displaying the MENU link - so anyone shopping on mobile cannot click on ANY category links!! HELP!!