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Automatically Create Thumbnails?

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  • Automatically Create Thumbnails?

    New to 3dCart and so far I love the features (came over from a competitor). I have uploaded images and populated my products by uploading a .csv file--easy enough. Is there a way to automatically generate my product thumbnails for all my newly created products without going into the edit page for each product and hitting "Create from Main image" under Thumbnail? Seems there should be an easy and less tedious way to do this.
    Thanks in advance for your help--forums are always great places to help and get help.

  • #2 Never tried this but I always wondered if it would work.

    1. In your csv, copy the main image column (image1) to the thumbnail column
    2. In the thumbnail column (use excel or equivalent *Find/replace* to find ".jpg" (or .png... whatever your file is) and replace with "_thumbnail.jpg" which is what would be added if manually creating thumb from main image
    3. Upload the csv
    4. go to "file manager" and in turn to the folder or path to where your product images are.
    5. Select thumbnails
    6. Go to batch action at the bottom, select "Resize (thumb)"
    7. Click Apply

    Like I said. In theory it makes sense. Let me know if this works.... If you try it that is.

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      easiest way would prob be to make a thumb folder or make the thumbnails and name them image_thumb and then link them on the CSV.


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        Copying the main image column to the thumbnail column, renaming the products and performing the batch action did not work--but I think you're on to something. I suspect there has to be an image there named xxxx_thumbnail.jpg for the batch action to actually resize. In order to do this I think I would have to create copies of my main images locally (on my computer), rename them with the _thumbnail.jpg extension, upload them (isn't FTP great?--I used to use it in industry about 7 years ago) and then run the "Resize (Thumb)" on them.
        Might be just as easy for me to just "next" thru the items themselves in edit mode and create the thumbs one at a time since I only have a little over 100 items.

        Thanks for the suggestion,


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          there is a tool to rename images in folders like that for you automatically , but I can not for the life of me remember the name of it.


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            We have been using win automation to help us automate stuff like this lately , i am still learning how to work it, but its streamlining a few processes so far.