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Is there a "You have requested more quanity than we have available" error message?

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  • Is there a "You have requested more quanity than we have available" error message?

    I've noticed some strange behavior in my store and I wonder if there's a way to correct it.

    I only have a quantity of 2 of Widget XYZ in my store, and if a customer adds 3 to their cart, it just adds 2 to their cart, without a message telling them what's happened.

    And when the customer views their cart and only sees 2, and changes that number to 3 and hits Update, it takes them to a page that says

    Out of Stock
    The Item Widget XYZ could not be added to your order. It's not currently available with the options you selected.
    I think the behavior should be

    Customer adds 3 to cart, no product is added to the cart, and a pop-up appears

    Sorry, we don't have enough of the quantity you requested. Please try again.

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    You could show stock on your prod and cat pages. That would make it much easier.
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      Okay, thanks for the solution. It looks like the only way to do that is via a template change, so I'd have to make a new listing template and use that for the items that I want to show stock on?

      I'll have to think more about that one. I'm not sure I want to "advertise" how much inventory I have.


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        If you set the item's inventory control as "out of stock" then the customer will receive the error message you requested. You can edit the message in System Messages (message #28) and put the stock in it.
        This item is of limited stock. <strong>Please order [stock] or less.</strong>
        As for the Category page, we use a java script: If [stock] is between 1 & 6 , show [stock], otherwise show [availability]. Where [stock] shows the actual number in stock, and [availability] just shows the message you have for In stock/Out of Stock.
        PM me if you want it.