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Tracking links in shipped e-mails sent today going to Fedex site?

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  • Tracking links in shipped e-mails sent today going to Fedex site?

    I have not made any changes at all. Up until today, when a customer clicked on a link in the shipping e-mail they would get transferred to my site where the tracking info is displayed. Today I noticed when the links in the shipped order e-mails are clicked on they go to a Fedex page where it says a tracking number cannot be found. I don't even use Fedex. Its a USPS number so of course it isn't found. Anyone else have this problem? :eek:


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    The only change that went into effect for USPS today is this. Not sure if this would be messing things up if 3dcart needed to update things on their end? I sent in a ticket already.

    Web Tools SSL Security Certificate Update

    USPS Web Tools will update its production security certificates on Monday 5/18/2015 between 7:00AM eastern and 10:00AM Eastern. Please be sure your servers are compatible with the latest Comodo security certificates. This update may affect any of the Web Tools secure APIs including:
    • Domestic and international label APIs
    • Customs Forms CN22 & CP72
    • Carrier Pickup APIs

    The certificates are currently updated in the Web Tools staging environment. Please test your integration with Web Tools using the URL below:

    Systems that interface with the Web Tools secure APIs may be impacted by this change and will need to update the certificates used to connect to Web Tools. To request the security certificates please email the Internet Customer Care Center at [email protected]

    USPS Web Tools Program Office


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      And now they are working again. =)


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        Danab did you have to do anything to fix that issue? I've been seeing this for weeks now, but haven't gotten around to a support ticket. We print USPS postage through our order management software and it immediately updates the status in 3D Cart to "Shipped" and sends the customer the "Order Shipped" email with the tracking number. If you click that tracking number, like you said, it goes to FedEx's website where it says that "no tracking number is found".

        Considering the tracking code (if you hover over the email tracking link that is sent to a customer) is formatted like:


        Why is it not going to my website for tracking, and instead (for some reason) going to FedEx's website?

        Anyone else having this issue?


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          I just checked the ones I shipped yesterday and those appear to be working as well. I would try submitting a ticket. I will keep an eye on it and post if it happens again. We don't need our customers things we are being flakey. =)


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            Thanks Danab I'm going to put in a ticket. It's the strangest thing, once the USPS package has any sort of tracking updated (even just that it was "picked up" from us), then the tracking link goes to our website for tracking instead of FedEx. It's the brief period of time between the creation of the shipping label and when the USPS first updates that status that it goes to FedEx's site (which also might be why the ones that you checked from yesterday are working...for us, ones created yesterday or even earlier this morning will as well).

            You might want to double check another one when you FIRST mark the order status "Shipped" and see if it directs to you FedEx's website (before the post office has picked up the package and scanned it in to their system).



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              Ah OK. I will check that as soon as I print a label this afternoon.


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                Danab , the ticket reply from 3D Cart yesterday (5/20):

                "I'm sorry that you have been experiencing this inconvenience.

                The USPS tracking redirecting to Fedex is an issue we are aware of and is currently being worked on by our team.

                We can have a patch deployed to your store within the next 24-48 hours that will fix this issue."

                Sounds like it should be fixed soon (I hope), though I can't tell from their response if it will be a universal fix, or on a "cart-by-cart" basis for those who create a support ticket?



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                  OK. I just sent them a response to their ticket. Hopefully they fix it soon!


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                    I received:

                    "Thank you for that information.

                    Our developers are currently aware of this matter and working on a resolution to resolve this from happening on your site. As soon as we have more information to share, you will be immediately notified. Please note, issues reported to our developers can take up to 30 days before a resolution is available. However, I will try to get this resolve as soon as possible."


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                      I don't know who replied to your ticket, because the person that wrote me back said 24-48 hours (not even close to 30 days), and it's already been fixed and I just tested that it does in deed work now with a label that was just created a few minutes ago. I'm going to reply to my ticket and ask if this is planned to be a universal fix, or if people are going to have to open a ticket on a cart-by-cart basis.