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Worried about USPS webtools upgrade for 5/31

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  • Worried about USPS webtools upgrade for 5/31


    I am wondering if the upcoming USPS webtools upgrade scheduled to go live on 5/31 is going to have any effect on our 3dcart stores? Like will the shipping calculations go down or get messed up? I keep getting e-mails from USPS so I figured I would ask in case anyone knows. This was the last one. Thanks Dana

    Thank you for using USPS Web Tools.
    We would like to remind customers that on May 31, 2015 at 12:01 AM, CST USPS Web Tools will be implementing modifications and additional features to the U.S. Postal Service APIs. The following changes may especially impact shipping systems:
    • Origin ZIP Code required for Priority Mail International to Canada
    • Modified special services
    • Modified service IDs
    • Modified available mail classes for Merchandise Return Services
    Updated release notes (version 1.1) are now available on the Web Tools home page at under the Web Tools Announcements section. Included in the release notes are the URLs of the staging environments, which are now available to developers for testing.
    To receive future Web Tools updates, follow us on Twitter @USPSWebTools. If you have any questions, encounter any issues, or have any feedback, please let us know by simply replying to this email.
    Thank you,
    USPS Web Tools Program Office

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    I'm glad to see that someone else got the email and is giving thought to problems. I know for the first time I had a customer attempt to track his priority mail package and it directed him to FedEx site and said the label didn't exist. Talk about a disaster trying to explain what happened there. Support said when the 6.7 version rolls out for everyone that problem should be resolved, but with USPS upgrade I'm nervous


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      And we now have Canadian orders that are not going thru because of this, customers are not happy. I opened a ticket today, they said it could be 2-3 weeks(!)
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        This is very disheartening. As a marketplace seller for the past few months, I can vouch for the fact that USPS service has gone way down hill. The last thing we need as website owners is a USPS module that will not work properly. What worries me is 3dc support's response...

        "Support said when the 6.7 version rolls out for everyone that problem should be resolved"...

        What concerns me is the word "should".


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          I do a lot of business with Canada, this is embarrassing, we got plenty of warning from USPS about the changes.


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            Maybe because I have custom shipping methods flat rate to Canada I can get my calculation? I see the rate is off my a couple bucks but I can adjust that

            Canadian Shipping.JPG


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              First-Class lookup (for orders under 1 lb) seems to work OK, but not Priority.


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                Same here, was told 2-3 weeks for a resolution. I received an email last summer from USPS warning of these changes. Now Priority Mail International will not work. 3dcart suggests using Priority Flat rate, or EMS. Neither of these would quote anywhere near the correct shipping costs. Are there 3rd party plug-ins that can work with the USPS? I think 3dcart should reduce our monthly fees or offer free hosting until this issue is fixed. I'm getting calls, emails and tickets daily asking for Priority Mail for Canada.



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                  As mentioned in the opening post, USPS webtools API now requires the sender's zip code in the API feed to generate a Priority Mail quote for Canada. Does this really take 2-3 weeks to make the change to the feed?