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Tracking link on website leads to FedEx and Where is Live Support?

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  • Tracking link on website leads to FedEx and Where is Live Support?

    I just had a customer LIVID that he didn't request FedEx shipping on his merchandise and I knew I shipped priority as he requested when he placed the order. After I finally got him calmed down I see what he's talking about. When you go to check package tracking, it opens a window to fedex and says the label doesn't exist. So I go to support/submit a ticket, to talk to someone on live chat about it, and they're away. I'll search the forums because I thought I remembered seeing someone else having this issue, but it's very frustrating to have no one on chat to assist, the website acting an arse, my customer unhappy as all get out and feeling as if I was deceptive in the transaction. I'll open a ticket on the matter, but lately I've not been real impressed with ticket handling or resolve to my issues. :-(

    Is anyone else seeing this issue again since the 6.7 rollout? I had all kinds of shipping and cart settings change for no reason and that usually happens when a new version rollsout and I was on support chat yesterday about the cart settings that have changed and didn't learn until today that a new version rolled out.