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  • Top Sellers not numbered

    So I decided on template v40001-html5. Say what you will about 3DC, but one thing I have found is that most of the templates are not 100% functional right out of the box. I chose template v40001-html5 because of various design aspects as well as becasue of the ones I narrowed it down to it is the most function right out of the box. But it still has a lot of work that needs done. Case in point, the top sellers box.

    The #1 top seller is the only product that shows its rank number, the rest do not. How do I get the rank #s to show for #2, #3, #4, etc?

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    Any help on this would be appreciated.


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      Do you have a URL? Looking at one of my stores, there is a variable called [ranking] that shows the ranking number for each of the Top Sellers.
      Joanne Barker
      VS Web Design
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        Thanks. I don't know where to look for this variable. I'm a little more versed in websites and coding than the average person, but I'm not really anywhere near what you might call a "coder".