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How do we adjust the size of a product image

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  • How do we adjust the size of a product image

    Thought it would be as simple as going Store Settings > Product page image size then changing that to the size we want, but nothing happened. Seems to be stuck at 400 wide no matter what we try (image is around 1100 wide, but we'd like to set the size to around 500).

    What are we missing?

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    If the Settings option isn't working, you probably have the size defined in your template. Look in listing_0.html (or whichever listing template you're using).


    Run a batch script in Photoshop/GIMP/[your image editor] to size all your images to the size you want, upload them, and control the size via CSS. Dynamic resizing takes bandwidth.

    Always helpful to post your site so people can look at what you're talking about.
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