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Nav Menu CSS Issue - HELP!

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  • Nav Menu CSS Issue - HELP!

    I need some css programing help from all you awesome css wizards. Yesterday like a dummy I needed to see what the original css code was on my template and I didn't copy and save the default_modified css code to note and when I switched back from default to default_modified my site was a mess, luckily we are in the design mode and not live. So I went to advanced and rolled the site back to a previous edit from the night before and it changed everything back to normal except the Navigation Menu which should run horizontal across the screen with a 3dcart paid coded drop down menu. In the attached image you can see what my site looks like right now with the Nav Menu running in a list format vertically. Help please to fix this as I contacted support and while they are busy, my time frame to get this fixed to continue editing is on a faster time frame then theirs to help me. Any help as to what needs to be fixed is greatly appreciated, and if you can tell me the code or change that needs to be made in red text within my code you would be a superstar.

    The link below is my current code with the messed up nav menu. I am using template: workstation-html5/css/default_modified.css

    Pic link:

    Thank you for your help!

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