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Adding reCAPTCHA to Contact Form

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  • Adding reCAPTCHA to Contact Form

    I am using template v40001-html5 and apparently I made a mistake as it seems to be missing a lot of stuff that most if not all other templates ahve. But I'm in it for the longhaul as I have put many hours in the course of a month into the look and feel of this template to make it the way I want it. Many long, sleepless nights.

    Anyhow, I just noticed that it does not have reCAPTCHA on the contact form. Can someone tell me how I can include it?

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      reCaptcha is already enabled. My problem is that it is not showing up on my contact page as it should be. Apparently the code is missing. This seems to be a recurring problem I am running into with the V40001-html5 template.


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        I use the same template, but I don't utilize reCaptcha, I haven't seen the need for it on my website or my particular business, so I really didn't know that it wasn't functioning properly when I offered the link. Sorry about that. Maybe someone can help with the coding or whatever needs to be done to fix it for you on that template.


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          Well, hold on a minute. Since you use the same template...

          1. Even though you do not feel the need for using the reCAPTCHA codes, you still should see a regular 3DCart CAPTCHA code at the bottom on your contact form. Do you? As far as I know, you can't opt-opt of using any captcha on your site. It's a matter of if you want to use the regular 3DCart captcha or the Google reCAPTCHA.

          2. Not trying to tell you what to do, but CAPTCHA scripts are not something you use on a website for marketing purposes. Their purpose is to stop spam bots from finding your contact form and sending you spam as well as using the form to send spam to other email addresses which will then seem like you did it. It doesn't matter what businesses you are in, CAPTCHA scripts are a necessary spam fighting tool anymore. The longer your site is on the web, the more spam bots you will get to your site and the more form spam you will experience. This is the only reason why I am making a "stink" about it. Believe me, I hate CAPTCHA codes. I also hate antivirus programs, but there is no way around using them anymore.


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            I don't see it on the actual form and in the modules I don't have it enabled. Now whether the code is THERE, you're talking to the most code challenged woman on this forum so ??? Where would I look?

            No reCaptcha.JPG
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              Solved by support. You have to first enable captcha fro the CRM module under store modules then, if you'd rather use google's recaptcha, you enable that under the recpatcha module.