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Homepage Image Carousel Causing Errors in Google & SEO Audting

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  • Homepage Image Carousel Causing Errors in Google & SEO Audting

    We use the image carousel on our homepage. The code for the carousel is on the frame.html page, so this means that even though it does not DISPLAY on other pages (product page, category page, extra page etc etc) the CODE for it is still there.

    This is causing issues with Google and website auditing / SEO tools. The main issue is that because the image and link URLs used in the carousel use relative references as seen here:

    (<a href="[link]"><img src="[image]")

    to Google (and site auditing tools) it looks like every page on our site has this BROKEN image link because the source code effectively looks like this[image] and of course, on all those other pages, there's no image there.

    Is there a way to have this code be ignored, or somehow magically rendered "invisible" on all other pages besides the homepage so that it doesn't throw up page errors for Google etc?

    Any input is greatly appreciated. PM me if you need any specific details.


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    The 3Dcart carousel module was always a problem for me because I could never resize the image displayed on the webpage. I disabled this module and now use my own GIF file which performs exactly the same function as the carousel.


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      Shorne thanks for the reply. We'd like to stick with the carousel if possible since it performs really nicely in responsive mode. I'm hoping someone knows how to "fix" it :-)


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        I saw in today release notes for ver 6.7 that the carousel images can now be resized.