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    Hi all.. I am hoping someone can help me to stop yanking the hair out of my head. I am working on my new site, and have a subcategory column order issue going on that you can see here: - you will notice that the alphabetical order is from left to right as if you are reading a book. It should be from top to bottom in their respective columns, as most people read columns that way in my experience. Any ideas / thoughts / suggestions around this? Also, how do I make them left justify in each column? I assume this is in the html / css area. I appreciate your time and consideration.

    On a side note.. I had a similar challenge when I had a drop down mega menu.. where it would orient the information in the columns across columns instead of down each column. I am praying that this isn't an internal 3dCart thing at the core.. but then again.. with the redesign happening right now, perhaps this would be a great time for them to fix it so that things read right. GonzaloGil? jimmy3dcart What says you..

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