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    Hello everyone,

    This is a general question about MS Access. My drop ship supplier has decided to provide their database of products, which contains very detailed product descriptions!

    The bad news is, the data in the "descriptions" column is already formated in paragraphs, lists, etc, but NOT in HTML. Well, as we all know, 3dcart's bulk upload requires the descriptions be in HTML if any formating is to be shown.

    I am trying to find something (macro or built in function) that will allow me to convert the already formatted cells to HTML. At a bare minimum, I would like to replace line breaks with "<div> </div>" which does OK, but still causes problems with some lists, depending on whether they are bulleted or not.

    I have been able to make Excel replace "alt010" with <div> </div> which does make MOST of the lists work well, but some of them are still not perfect. The best solution will be be some function/macro to convert cells to html.

    Any help will be appreciated! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    Figured it out.

    I did a find and replace and replaced ATL010 with </br> <br> and it worked much better. Still not absolutely perfect, but good enough for now. - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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      Not sure if this will help - but a new line (return) in access is Chr(13) & Chr(10)

      If you write a module to search a string for this you may be able to replace it with <br><br> or </p> or whatever html you want. try the INSTR() function. This gives you the position of the character you want to replace. Once you have the position you can replace it with some manipulation.

      My info may be out of date - I'm still using a VERY old version of Access. I can't remember if I've ever SEARCHED for Chr(13) & Chr(10) before - but I use it all the time to create formatted text in modules.
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner