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Sort is Messed Up (I think)

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  • Sort is Messed Up (I think)

    Please let me know if this is normal (which would not make me happy) or if there is something messed up with my site (which would not make me happy):

    My Sort by Newest only works AFTER sorting by something else first, then going back to sort by Newest. In other words - when someone brings up a category the sort place says "Newest" by default - which makes a customer think that items shown are sorted by newest (duh) BUT they are NOT!!

    I am not sure how they are sorted when the category first loads - I can't figure out the rhyme or reason.

    I tested by sorting by Lowest to Highest (which works fine) then sorting by Newest, and it does sort by Newest then.

    However - I am extremely upset that my customers think the items are ALREADY sorted by Newest when they load a category because that's what the sort feature shows.

    Should my categories be automatically sorting by Newest by default?? Should customers have to sort by something else then go back to sort by Newest to see Newest listings? I don't think so.

    So any thoughts? I suppose this is going to require a support ticket one way or the other - whether it's not working correctly and needs fixing or I want it to act differently than what it's doing. Ugh.

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    You can adjust sorting by going to "products" then "categories" then "options" then "advanced" then "default products sorting". I have mine on newest but it does work correctly for me.


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      Thanks Rod! Posting directions from online support in case anyone else has the same question:

      *** ETA: If a product listing has been created using the CLONE feature - you must go into the product's advanced settings to change the listing date or else it will default to the original listing's date

      To set the category's Default Products Sorting, go to Products>Categories, browse to the category you want to update and click the [Options] button for that category. Click [Advanced] on the following page to display additional settings. Select the desired sorting from the Default Products Sorting dropdown and click [Save].

      You can also update this value for all categories at the same time using the category export and import found on the page at Products>Export/Import. Click the [Export Data] button in the category portion of the Export section on the top half of the page and download the export file on the following page. Open the file in Excel and set the value in the category_defaultsorting field to 4 for all records and save the file. Then return to the page at Products>Export/Import. In the Category portion of the Import section on the bottom half of the page, click the [Choose File] button, browse to and select the file to import. Then, click the [Import Data] button in that section.
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