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Inventory Status for Non-Stock and Dropship

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  • Inventory Status for Non-Stock and Dropship

    This is a topic I raised before with little response from users nor from 3D Cart but it seems important...

    Inventory. Surely there should be a way to set the 'status' of your product via the inventory dropdown to handle products which are either drop-shipped or digital? If you are using a drop-shipper you don't hold stock so inventory control is null, similarly for digital downloads the inventory is null. So when you are selling other products of which you do hold stocks it is impossible to handle this properly because stock control needs to be enabled (option) and the work-around of setting the non-inventory products to have a made up quantity really just isn't good enough.

    Has anyone found a different work-around or solution? Will, he holds his breath hoping not to turn blue, will 3D Cart address this and not just ask me to add it to the mythical wish list?

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    On my items that are drop-shipped, I add text that says "Subject to Availability" -- I also add (Direct Ship) as part of the product name for each of these items.
    Joe Arbogast