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    I have a category with 200+ items. When I navigate through the category by clicking on the thumbnails, it stops after about 10 pages. Does anyone else have this problem? I didn't even notice it until now. I generally click the page #.

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    Hi Dave,

    I have several categories with quite a few products. I just tried paging through several and didn't run into any problems.

    BTW, do you have any idea how to change your profile image? I'm still using the default because I can't figure out how to change it.



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      Hi Davef,

      I submitted a support ticket on your behalf for this. It was sent to your [email protected] email address.
      If you could specify some of the information I requested on the ticket, I'll be glad to get it to the right people for investigation.



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        BTW, do you have any idea how to change your profile image? I'm still using the default because I can't figure out how to change it.
        It looks like that ability was disabled on the forum. I went ahead and re-enabled it.

        Try this for changing the image.
        1. Look to the top right of the forum page and click on your username
        2. Select "My Profile"
        3. On the next page, Hover over the placeholder image that is there and you should see an "edit avatar" message come up.
        4. Click on it and it will give you the uploading options.
        Should be available for all registered users.

        Not sure if it was ever allowed or if we had a bad experience once that made us remove the ability, but it's back.
        Just please be sure to keep them images clean. :D


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          Thanks for submitting the ticket. I didn't see your message until today so you'll have two tickets. I think that the Profile image question must have come from someone else.


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            Hi Davef,

            I just replied to the ticket. After investigating a bit, it looks like the product that your "next" thumbnail gets stuck on is sharing the same custom file name as the subsequent product in that category. So basically the "next" link is just redirecting to the page from which it's already coming from.

            To fix this, just make sure the two products have their own unique custom file names, and you should be all set!
            (remember to go into the SEO tools section and update custom file names after assigning the new one!)


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              Thanks, Henry. You are one awesome detective. New product and was in a hurry (never a good idea). I wonder if anyone knows a quicker way to find duplicate file names other than sorting and manually viewing all product names?
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                Hi Davef

                I would only recommend this if you're very comfortable with Excel, but here's what I would do. Use at your own risk.
                1. Create a custom product export set that only contains the "catalogid" "id" "name" and "filename" fields.
                2. Export the CSV, then open it up in excel
                For something like this, I'd recommend exporting in batches. Maybe one category at a time or one manufacturer/distributor at a time. Unless you're adventurous enough to do the WHOLE product database, but that... Well that's just crazy talk right there. Anyway, to continue:

                After exporting the CSV:
                3. Click on the square at the top left of the spreadsheet (between columnA and row1) to select the whole spreadsheet
                4. Sort by the column that has filename on it (Column "D" I believe)
                When sorting, be sure to select the "My data has headers" checkbox so that it leaves "filename" at the top

                So by now you have it all sorted by Custom File Names. If it's a relatively short list that you're working with, then spotting identically named custom filenames should be fairly easy. But you can also use Excel to filter out the duplicates.

                This part is a bit more "wordy" and it reads a lot more complicated than it actually is, but here goes.
                5. Take your sorted spreadsheet, and select the filename column. Just click on the letter of the column to select the whole column.
                Next to the sorting button in excel look for a button labeled "filter." The icon looks like a funnel.
                6. Click the funnel.
                7. Next, look to the right of the funnel and you should see a smaller icon labeled "Advanced" that is basically just a smaller funnel with a pencil on it.
                8. Click on the Advanced filter button and - in the little window that comes up - mark the "Unique records only" checkbox.
                9. Click ok
                What this will do is take the duplicated entries and simply hide them from the row view. Don't worry, they're still there. Just hidden.
                Now for the fun part...
                10. If it isn't selected, re-select the filename column
                11. Now go into the Home menu of excel,
                12. Use the fill color to color that whole column.
                I personally like to use yellow for that part, but I suppose it's more of a creative choice...
                Anyways... By now you have the filename column all colored in. Let's go unhide those duplicates we hid earlier.

                13. Make sure the filename column is still selected.
                14. Go back to the Filter button (the funnel) and click it.
                Sometimes it takes two clicks but what you're trying to do is remove the filtering from that column altogether.
                The result should be that all of your unique records are now colored in (yellow, if you've played along) and the duplicate entries should be colorless.

                It's a bit of a lengthy process, but it should make spotting any possible duplicates MUCH easier. :)
                At this point, you can just pick out and update the duplicate filenames and save the CSV file.
                Once you're done with your CSV file(s), you can import them to update their respective products.

                Again, it's probably best to go with smaller batches.

                Final Tips
                • Just remember to sort by catalogid again to get the spreadsheet back in the same order as you started.
                  It's not really a necessity per se, but my inner neat freak doesn't let me rest unless its done.
                • While on the subject, be sure to preserve the catalogid, id, and name columns so the store knows what to update as well.
                  To be honest, the store itself only needs catalogid and id, but we - as humans - need the name so we can identify the products easier. ;)
                • Oh, and also be sure to ALWAYS select the whole entire spreadsheet when sorting by any column,
                  Remember to click the square between column A and row 1 to select all.
                  The last thing you want to do is to sort with only one column selected and inadvertently rearrange your product IDs in the spreadsheet.
                • Also be sure to save the file as a CSV (Sometimes excel may auto-save it as a workbook during all the filtering and coloring steps)
                • Don't worry about the yellow column. When the file is saved as CSV the coloring is discarded.
                In any event, it's a bit of a process, but it's the fastest way I can think of to spot any duplicate entries when you're dealing with anything over 50 products.

                Hope this helps!
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                  Awesome! Thanks. I have a db tool that I have used but never thought that excel had that. I'll try a little one first ;