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    Hi all.. I am working on my site launch, and am still on the 3dcart / developer url, so perhaps my question doesn't apply yet. I wanted to ask if there is something I am missing.. be it a setting, line of code, etc.. that would allow me to pinch to zoom on my ipad, my gf's iphone 6+, etc. I have tried different browsers.. different devices.. etc, and it doesn't seem to be a functionality that is there. If people wanted to look more closely / read larger copy, then they wouldn't be able to. Any / all information would be greatly appreciated. My developer url is:

    Kindly, Andrew

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    Pinching and zooming is a hack to allow non responsive websites to work on a phone screen. However, if you have a properly configured responsive design, then the idea is that it looks good on all screen sizes.

    In fact, allowing pinch to zoom on a responsive layout can be confusing.

    However, if you want to allow it (again, not recommended) you want to change your "view port" settings in css. Right now, the view port is set to be the same size as the screen, so no zooming. If you make the viewport larger then the screen size, then the browser will think that there is more to show, and allow zooming in and out.


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      Thank you NMTEACO! I very much appreciate your insights.. and that is why I love the forum. Your tea looks great too. New Mexico is one of the few states I have not spent much time in, and hope to do so in the near future. Santa Fe in particular. Andrew