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Shipping Rates On Singe Page Checkout Modification

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  • Shipping Rates On Singe Page Checkout Modification

    [ATTACH]n66967[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]n66968[/ATTACH] Hello Everyone,

    I finally got the site up and running after 5 months of learning CSS and importing product and images. I have had a few customer complaints from on how the shipping rates populate where you have to click each carrier to see the rates. There is no setting I can find in the 3dCart to turn on all rates to populate without having to click the carrier. It would be nice if there was a box to check on 3dCart shipping to populate the carrier with the least expensive rate, I see we can sort them but that didn't help.

    So I used Firebox Firebug to pull up the html and I found that if I changed the code below from the display: none to display: block I was able to populate the view that I wanted of the rates, however when I actually change the html in 3dcart is doesn't make any difference that I changed the code from "none" to "block". Below is the code after I changed it in Firebug.

    <div id="shipping_div" class="pad10 boxShadow">
    <div id="shipResult">

    <div class="addressType">

    <div id="divShipping" class="ship" style="display:block;" name="divShipping">

    <div class="carrierDisplay">

    <div id="divShippingFEDEX" class="ship" style="display:block;" name="divShippingFEDEX">

    <div class="carrierDisplay">

    <div id="divShippingUSPS" class="ship" style="display:block;" name="divShippingUSPS">

    <div class="divInsurance">

    By changing the display code to block gave me the results that I am looking for at checkout and can be compared to the 3dcart default and my requested layout in the image links below.

    My issue is what do I need to change in 3dCarts html to get it to populate like this every time, as changing the display lines didn't work?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    see this post:


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      Awesome! Thank you so much. That worked.


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        Now does anyone know a good Responsive Mobile designer that can adjust my mobile template the way that I want?


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          Shaun thecartdesigner at , but you need to be patient, he is awfully busy, but you will be happy at the end.