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Anyone using 3DUPSELL? Comments, Reviews, Thoughts?

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  • Anyone using 3DUPSELL? Comments, Reviews, Thoughts?

    I've be willing to take the plunge, but since it doesn't work on mobile, I'm not sure considering half of internet traffic is now moving to mobile. For those of you that use it or have used it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on if you like it or not. Thanks!

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    Hi @ashults74,

    I use it and I like it. I try not to over do it because I think too many pop ups are annoying. When we expanded our B&M store recently, I used the pop up to notify customers that any orders between x and x date would not be shipped until x date. I had that pop up on both the home page and the checkout page. I do not like page peel, I have never used the slide. Along with 3dupsell you get access to 3dbanners which I have used in my email sale newsletters.